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20 June 2015

once again.......

I never thought I will turn to blogging again... its been a hell long time but maybe I felt this sudden urge to get back my thoughts in black and white.

World is really a small place but an extravagant resource of knowledge.
Over a last couple of years I had a number of experiences on my whirlwind movement crossing places and continents and oceans and seas. Though I may not be able to put all of those now but time and again I will do so surely. Its been a journey now on......
Lots of things to write now on and so many things to share and do....
Some of them will be my own and some of those will be wonderful thoughts that I have come across but want enthusiastic readers to go through.

So a happy start to blogging and hope it continues this time.....not to stop after a couple a couple of posts.

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