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22 June 2015

1st International Yoga day.

Its been wonderful to be a part of 1st International Yoga day.

Thousands of people came together for a healthy cause. Yoga is practiced since ancient times in India...but unfortunately Indians had forgotten about yoga and its health benefits.
Yoga was born in India.... thousands of years back. It was then that the rishis practiced Sun Salutations and other yog-kriyas and eventually transferred the knowledge to common man.

Yoga has lot of benefits. However apart from benefiting for a healthy mind, body and soul the international acceptance of Yoga will lead us to train minds to universal peace and harmony.

A number of yog kriyas are practised for different benefits related to better health or curing diseases. It also helps in restoring balance of mind at the same time. Some forms may bring you inner peace.

Once a person starts recognizing its holistic benefits we sure will be practising it in long run and transfer our knowledge for the generations to come.

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