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02 December 2008

Siege is over..... but terror is not

I am finding it desperately impossible to express my anger about the terror in Mumbai and the ruckus caused by the terrorists.

I am writing this blog, thousands of miles away from the city that I love the most.
I am a Mumbaikar,born and brought up in Mumbai and this city has seeped so much into my veins,my being that whatever happiness or tragedy happens here, it happens to my mental being....

Ironically, the events that took place at Taj Hotel, Leopold cafe, etc has made me restless and angry.
To an extent I feel defeated by the city's security force, cheated by the politicians and incompetency of the Naval forces.....

The 30 years I spent in this city has me bound me to its roots which are in impossible to cast off.
However, every new day I find myself asking are my friends and family members going to be safe? Why are we mumbaikars becoming so incresingly insecure? Now, we are not just ready to trust any stranger...and I would always wonder if the gentleman standing next to me in line or sitting at the opposite table in cafe is just a localite enjoying his food or waiting for the ticket or may be another terrorist.

Even though the people are talking about the "spirit of the city", using the "bounce back attitude' to go on with their businesses, or even "getting back on tracks" I feel totally humiliated and let down in terms of Crisis management.
It has left me wonder if there was ever,if any a program of Crisis Management run by the police force.

Why does our police force look so out of tune when in action? Why did the Prime Minister Manmohan Singh issue such a weak statement? Where have otherwise smart orators like AB Vajpayee and Bal Thackrey and Raj Thackrey gone?Have the thoughts of politicians who rule this great land become impotent?
Why does Vilasrao Deshmukh need the company of Ram Gopal Verma to tour the Taj? does he plan to make another RGV ki aag? Thats simply ridiculous.

Not only me but my my fellow mumbaikars and my countrymen have been felt cheated and humiliated by this bandwagon. We feel let down.
Now, a Gandhigiri attitude is not going to be of any help. Its time we realise this blantant truth and act accordingly or there could be more Taj and nariman Houses at risk.

It's time to get an access to where the taxes go? Why does our Police force seem so ill- equipped? and are there not enough naval force to secure our borders then its time to start a placement campaign for security force too......

it's time to repay the dead... all those who died without a reason.
I salute the commandos and all the men who died in action.

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