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14 January 2008

Taare Zameen Par- Review.....

I loved the film. It's really an amazing film which the masses can relate to....
An everyday story, which everyone ,the teacher, the student and family members can relate to. It was also a good experience to watch a nice clean Hindi film with kids.
A perfect movie for all to watch from a perfectionist..... Aamir Khan.

In the movie its title itself specifies“Every child is Special”...and once you come out of the theatres you can really understand why it says so.One thing I liked about the film is that it relates to most of the kids and not just the Special Child, who may have some disabilities. As Aamir points out in one of the dialogues…all the fingers of our palm are not of the same size or shape. Its so true....I wish we were taught the same right from the start of our education instead of just throwing all the students in the rat race. Its a good lesson for parents who need to understand their child well as an individual and go slow with their kids at their learning stage and slowly mould them to the shape that they are willing to be moulded into.
The movie correctly shows what the unfriendly,insensetive education system can do to jeopardize a kids life, mentally and emotionally.

Ishaan(Darsheel) is a dyslexic child who hates to learn, read, write or simply "study".
He is constantly pressurised by his teachers to study and by his parents to show outstanding grades like his elder brother.Aamir Khan is able to bring out the real disaster in the education system when the teachers themselves point that they are not able to provide enough attention to the students and all they want is to get them ready for the race to excel in life.
It talks about the emotional churning of a Dyslexic child who is left alone with this inability that he is ignorant about but even his parents and teachers are not aware of. The poor kid is not able to match up with the expectations of everyone around him who wants Ishaan to excel in academics, sports and extra- curricular activities.

It is here, when the energetic, fun loving child Ishaan retreats into the shell of timidness and low self-esteem and loss of confidence, that Ram Shankar Nikumbh( wonderfully potrayed by Aamir Khan)carefully guides the boy’s attention to the fact that he was not the only one to face the problems that he had gone through. This he very easily does by listing out the names of those very famous and prominent entities as Einstein, Leonardo da Vinci and many others in front of the class but excluding Ishaan's name and telling it to him in privacy. That catapults the little boy’s confidence back to its peak and he is slowly able to cope up with his disability with the help, care and love of Nikumbh sir. Towards the end, the scene in the movie, when Ishaan wins the drawing competition and he’s given standing ovation he can’t believe it. He runs crying into the safe and secure zone of his loving friend, guide and teacher
The movie looks so realistic in terms of treatment
It is not just an entertainment masala movie for three hours that one can just watch and walk out. It makes you think and ponder your own faults as parents, teachers and responsible adults.
So it’s a tale of effective parenting, a tale of insensitivity in our Indian educational scenario, and a tale of love of teachers who think and work for their students…..I wish that even if a 2% of teacher would learn a lesson from this movie, I am sure we would save a lot of kids from inferior complex and make them better individuals to lead their chosen path of life with self esteem.


Ityaadi said...

One remarkable fact the movie shows is that the importance of art, literature and other creative subjects in comparision to the rat race of engineering children are pressured into. It gives one a hope that there is life beyond the high profile jobs of IT etc.


Sudeep said...

Good One Archana..........