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25 June 2007

Idolizing Indians

Personally, I think its truly corny that singing talent from around the country has to face a jury consisting of people like Anu Malik (with more reputation for western music rip-offs than for his talent), Alisha Chinoy (the one-song wondewith very few songs to remember which she can call her singing talent with Made in India most would remember Milind Soman in one!! and Kajra Re), Udit Narayan (an exceptional vocalist but too soft to really be a judge) and Javed Akhtar (who is a lyricist and has more to do with word pronounciation and little to do with voice modulation).

Its alright if they're looking at Indian Idol as a platform for modelling, acting skills or even if just to say hullo world -in true sense of copying their American counter-parts but its completely unacceptable if they even remotely want to use that to show off their vocal talents.
I agree that they are good singer ,but then they will still need about a few thousand hours of practise to be a talent like asha Bhosale or Lata Mangeshkar or even our own Anuradha Paudwal.

Firstly, I don't 'idolize' Abhijeet Sawant - the first Indian Idol and don't know anyone who remembers even more than one song from his album that hence launched. The same signs off for people like Amit Sana or even Prajakta Shukre or Mr.Vidya for that matter.
God!!they are so many there these days without the real talent to show off that I cant even remember their names though.

Wasn't it apparent with shows like Channel [V] Popstars, that these stars are a couple of night's wonders before disappearing behind dark clouds forever? And still people continue to humiliate themselves in front of incompetent judges, sms for their favorite singers and even pray they win.
And if it weren't enough, now each channel plans to launch their own talent hunt. So we have the bandwagon with Indian Idol, Sa Re Ga Ma Pa and Voice of India - and God knows how many to follow.
We're a country brimming with vocal talent - its a fact. But we need platforms better and less commercial than the likes of what have come along. And at least the awardees need to get somewhere in life rather than depending on the publicity to pull their gears towards success.

And then dont you think that we need equally competent panel to judge them by their talentand not just get hooked on to their style just the way we see Alisha doing it for Suhit all this time? And then I fail to understand if Suhit doesnt even have any co-ordination of taal and Sur then why is he in the music talent show in the first place?

There is a lot of budding talent in the American Idol this time but then are they really worth the hype? They do need a lot of polishing and finishing and thats going totake a lot of hardwork and steam to be around for a long time otherwise they are just another one night wonder to join the bandwagon.

Till then I am just content as a bathroom singer...

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fun gallery said...

Yes Archana, I agree cent per cent with you. I wish all these crazy shows shut down for ever. These shows are not talent hunters basically they are fool hunters and the fools are hunted by inviting sms and phone calls to poll. The more sms, the more fools. If we do not entertain these shows then they will automatically loose the TRP ratings and will shut down.