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03 May 2007

The following facts are something that I noticed here in USA. You may not necessarily find them on any websites. So iam not doing any ^c and ^v here. So let me take you on a virtual tour of USA. Brace yourselves.

  • Here, Indians are referred to as desis amonst themselves. But for Americans, we are still Asians. So when you say Asian it can be Indian, Bangladeshi, Pakistani, Chinese, Japanese. So if your an Indian you dont have a seperate identity. So what if you contribute to the IT.....

  • A car is a must. Its a necessity here, not a luxary. You are helpless without one. Though big cities do boast of public transport, its really pathetic and really get on your nerves.

  • Most of the time you will find people here chewing gums.You are in a mall, driving, chatting with friends,in lecture at must have a gum in your mouth. Probably they are having a good mouth exercise..what say?

  • Every 2nd person driving a car is found to be talking on his cell phone while driving. Survery found that 80% of Americans have breakfast, make up, write cheques(its checks here!), sms friends and fix their appointments while driving.....

  • Most people are glued to their i-pods, anywhere and everywhere.So you know the sales of I pod must be sky roketing here.

  • A box of Coke is cheaper than Water. People here drink more coke/pepsi than anywhere else in the world. Refills are just available at no cost!!!

  • Large Chain of Supermarkets are found everywhere. this is the main hub of grocery, shopping for clothes, pharmacy items, Toilettories everything available under one roof...yes..not to forget Jewellery...Unlike India where you have specialized stores for the clothes...even the type og clothes that you want to go out for.

  • Jogging in US has no time factor you will see people jogging at any time of the day and night. At 9 in the nite or 2 in the noon, windy or rainy or sunny. Jog till you drop.

  • I dont know if the people here even cook. They get everything from all those superstores so all they do is shop for a dozen of microwaveble meat and fish. store it in fridge and just heat it and eat, unlike us who make so much effort to cook so many dishes - roti,sabji,dal.Cooking is indeed a big process in our country and for them its no big deal.

    • Then there are Indian stores for desis like us who store the basic items that we need for daily bread....Some big and highly Indian populated cities do boast of Mithai shops!

    • Here you can have a variety of yogurts in different flavour, fat free, low fat and regular ones.... This goes well with the regular American food too.

    • Most of the people stock their lunch for the coming week in the refrigerator in offices. All they need to do is microwave it before they it. This way, you never forget to carry your lunch box...and no need to make a tiffin everyday!

    • Majority of the US population is on the obese side of the weight scale. However, you'll find lot of people going looking for the contents on the box of food in Supermarkets and opting for Fat free/Low fat food including Cheese and Butter and Milk.

    • The labour cost here is so high that the rate of a car mechanic equals that of a doctor!! No work bias here....Cannot afford a maid here like we have in India. Probably they are the highest paid individuals here....
    Let me just stop with this now. Iam going to be in USA for a couple of months more and I am sure I will come across more facts.
    I promise to keep you all posted with it. Till then its Chao from me...

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